Ben Parisot - Documentation Just Needs To Be Used Once

Episode Summary

Robby has a chat with the Engineering Manager at Planet Argon, Ben Parisot, about the importance of thorough documentation and paper trail, how documentation just needs to be used once to be considered valuable, the value of establishing processes to audit and improve documentation, why onboarding developers should be standardized, and much more on software development.

Episode Notes

Robby has a chat with the Engineering Manager at Planet Argon, Ben Parisot. Ben has worked in the tech industry since 2010 and has worn many, many hats: blogger, web designer, web developer, technical producer, scrum master, technical project manager, copywriter, and more. He loves all parts of the software development lifecycle and always has a creative personal web or mobile app humming along outside of work. The first thing Ben says he looks for that represents well-maintained software is thorough and up-to-date documentation. 

He feels that every developer or project manager must ensure that they leave a good paper trail of the work they do. He encourages engineering teams to do regular documentation audits of internal and external documentation they use in order to find outdated and obsolete documentation. Drawing from his experience working on multiple client projects, his advice is to build processes around auditing and improving documentation to make sure it's effective. This convo will prove incredibly valuable as he shares some tips on how engineering teams can go about that based on the projects they work on and so much more. Don’t miss out!

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