Cory House - Finding Opportunities for Improvement

EP-144 | June 5, 2023 | 35:27

Robby has a chat with Cory House (he/him/his), the Founder at, a software developer, author, speaker, and consultant. “I love the old saying that we write software for humans. So, I think about that regularly”, Cory says about what the maintainability of software is all about. When it comes down to it, he thinks more about his fellow developers than the compiler. He talks about the importance of good variable naming, shares the tactics for writing good tests for your regular expressions, and lists the benefits of automating pull-request feedback on potentially subjective feedback so that we can focus our attention on objective curiosities. 

He will also dive into testing strategies for React JS applications, how granular unit testing patterns don't apply well to automated browser tests, why it's valuable to keep a running list of opportunities for improvements rather than a list of technical debt, and why he believes that not every software project requires a dedicated architect but there should be someone who is acting in that role. You’re going to love this one so stay tuned!

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