Daniela Baron - About Those Docs

EP-145 | June 12, 2023 | 49:03

Robby has a chat with Senior Staff Engineer, Daniela Baron (she/her). Daniela starts by listing the following things about the characteristics of well-maintained software; it should be easy for new people to join and get the project running on their laptops just by following the README, it should have conventions in place for what kind of code goes where, and several less obvious aspects like how to integrate with third parties and how to deploy to a test environment.

Daniela will share ways to improve the onboarding experience for new developers to a project, examples of reliable traceability from code to tests to business goals across repositories and project management tools, how to avoid bikeshedding in pull-requests, and approaches to managing maintenance tasks within your team's workflow.

In addition, Robby and Daniela will discuss the importance of having a process for addressing deprecation warnings, documenting the non-obvious aspects of the system, tips on how to start documenting how to test and/or debug integrations with third-party services, and moving documentation about edge case scenarios under a Troubleshooting heading. They will also reference to Daniela's blog post, About Those Docs. Tune in for all that and more! You’ll get tons of valuable insights out of it.

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