Dave Bryant Copeland - Quantifying the Carrying Cost

EP-151 | October 3, 2023 | 42:33

Robby has a chat with the Author of Sustainable Web Development with Ruby on Rails, Dave Bryant Copeland (he/him/his). Dave is a Senior Software Engineer and speaker. Reflecting on his experience, Dave believes that well-maintained software is software that people understand what it does, how it works, and that it can be changed. He starts off by highlighting the challenges that developers face when trying to retrofit software with more testing.

He also shares his expert insights on how software engineers can navigate design decisions while ensuring that they speak up if a proposed feature is difficult to build, test, and maintain. When it comes to software engineers getting advice from experienced practitioners, Dave says that the engineers should make sure they understand their own context and biases. He introduces us to his book and shares a very interesting story about the disappointment he got after building and releasing a frontend in Angular. Stay tuned for more!

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