Emily Giurleo - Maintaining Open Source vs Proprietary Software

EP-114 | February 7, 2022 | 47:37

Robby speaks with Emily Giurleo, Senior Software Developer and co-founder/organizaer of WNB.rb. In this episode, Emily shares the importance of software communicating its purpose, the differences between maintaining open source versus propritary software projects, and community building.

Additionally, they discuss Emily's experience of being a paid maintainer of MongoDB's Ruby client library, the importance of useful CHANGELOGs, debugging tips for Rubygems, when to and/or not to use mocks.

Helpful Links

Emily's Twitter

Emily's LinkedIn

Emily's Website

Emily's Github

WNB.rb @wnb_rb, contact organizers

Emily's talk at RubyConf 2021: To mock, or not to mock?

Sandi Metz: Making is Easy, Mending is a Challenge

Mongo Ruby Driver

Emily's Book Recommendation: Radical Candor by Kim Scott

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