Eric Normand - Grokking Simplicity

EP-140 | March 13, 2023 | 47:22

Robby has a chat with software engineer, trainer, and author of the book Grokking Simplicity, Eric Normand (he/him/his). As Eric reflects on his experience, the first thought he has of well-maintained software is that it’s like a unicorn (Something you can’t find in real life), but on a more serious note, he emphasizes that smaller code bases are easier to maintain and that the maintainability of a code base is also highly dependent on the team of engineers that are working on it.

Robby and Eric will dive into the pros and cons of microservices in small organizations, why teams need to ensure they know where they're going with the future of their codebase, Eric's book - Grokking Simplicity, the differences within a functional programming language, higher-order functions, Eric’s journey toward authoring a technical book, and the value of engineers being able to get comfortable moving code around in a project without needing to ask for permission first. Tune in and enjoy!

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