Robbie Wagner - Whiskey, Front-End, and Whatnot

EP-165 | March 26, 2024 | 40:02

  • Starting off, Robbie Russell and Robbie Wagner bonding over the complexities of their names in the coffee queue.
  • They dive into the essence of maintainable software, debating the importance of recent commits and the dangers of a single-contributor project.
  • Tech debt, the ever-looming shadow over software development, gets a moment in the spotlight. They share a laugh over buying GitHub stars as a measure of project health.
  • Wagner's approach to tackling tech debt without permission is both rebellious and pragmatic, advocating for quality and refactoring 'on-the-go'.
  • The conversation shifts to the Scout rule in software maintenance, and how constant vigilance is key to overcoming tech debt fatigue.
  • Discussions around Ember.js, its community, and the evolution of front-end development light up the conversation.
  • The narrative takes a turn as they explore automating the mundane, with ESLint, Prettier, and CI tools like Dependabot starring as the unsung heroes in the quest for quality.
  • They touch upon the challenges of maintaining a balance between new features and tech debt, with Wagner emphasizing the sneaky art of integrating tech debt fixes into regular work.
  • Robbie Wagner shares his love for rye whiskey, introducing listeners to his favorite brands and distilleries.
  • Wrapping up, they delve into the world of podcasts, discussing the uniqueness of "Whiskey, Web and Whatnot" and how it blends technical discussions with personal stories and whiskey.

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