Shanea Leven - How To Bring Visibility To Your Codebase

Episode Summary

Robby has a chat with the CEO and Co-Founder of CodeSee, Shanea Leven, about how the relatively unknown shift left movement helps in writing maintainable and resilient code, the importance of code visibility, the great effectiveness of CodeSee in managing documentation, the challenges that teams face when they don't teach their developers the best practices in documentation, how Codesee's team implements tech-debt sprints every 6 to 8 weeks, what spatial reasoning is, and so much more. Don’t miss out.

Episode Notes

Robby has a chat with the CEO and Co-Founder of CodeSee, Shanea Leven. The conversation starts with Shanea’s insights on the relatively unknown shift left movement which, from her own hands-on experience, has been a very great way for engineers to write maintainable and resilient code. The shift left movement emphasizes on moving, understanding, and visualizing code while moving everything closer to development when one is writing their code instead of waiting until things are in production. That has proven to be very helpful as codebases increase in size and complexity because it enables engineers to catch things before they write their code. 

Shanea talks about the importance of code visibility (Being able to visually summarize how your code is working at every step of the development process before production) and how to go about it. She shares how the code visibility movement is helping engineers overcome the challenges they face when they go into legacy codebases to try and refactor them and get them back to their clients in a way that the clients can be able to maintain them. Tune in as Robby and Shanea dive into a lot more juicy topics around managing documentation, how CodeSee offers great value to engineers, tech debt, spatial reasoning, and much more.

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