Shaundai Person: Work on Having a Short-term Memory

EP-112 | November 29, 2021 | 51:23

Robby speaks with Shaundai Person, Senior Software Engineer at Netflix and creator of TypeScript for JavaScript devs.

Shaundai brought a treasure trove of insights, starting from her fascinating transition from sales to tech, straight into the heart of what makes code maintainable. She's a fan of making things simpler (think Legos, not knitted castles), and her take on the modular build of software components is something every developer should hear.

Did you know that your past experiences, no matter how unrelated they seem, can shape you into a better engineer? Shaundai's journey is proof of that, and she shares how skills from sales greatly enhance her team dynamics and project leadership in the tech world.

We also delve into why documenting the journey of your code - the good, the bad, and the decisions - is crucial for your future self and others who will walk in your codebase footsteps. Plus, Shaundai gives her candid view on the importance of feedback and the art of soliciting it constructively.

Don't miss out on this blend of technical wisdom and life lessons. Tune in to get your regular dose of Maintainable wisdom sprinkled with my special brand of humor.


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Book Recommendation: Range: Why Generalists Triumph in a Specialized world by David Epstein

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